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Mister Ed vs Cupid 1989 Nickelodeon with Original Commercials [VHSRip]

Valentine’s Day episodes of Mr. Ed taped from Nickelodeon in February 1989 with original commercials included.

Mysterious Cities of Gold 6:48
Nickelodeon: The Place Where Only Kids Win 7:19
Valentine’s Day Special Delivery 7:49
Don’t Just Sit There 8:19
Double Dare 8:49
Inspector Gadget 13:51
Disney’s Children’s Favorites Record Albums 14:07
16 Cinema: The Color of Friendship 15:07
Ronald Reagan Commemorative Medallion w/ Robert Stack 15:47
Hon De Laud Hup Hivvel Up Nick ID 16:47
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure Trailer 28:52
More Dinosaurs Home Video w/ Gary Owens 29:22
Lassie & Dennis the Menace 44:20
Mr. Ed vs Cupid 44:50
Nick’s Kid Almanac: Who Invented the Sandwich? 45:21
Life Magazine w/ Free Alarm Clock Telephone 45:58
Sweet Pickles Bus 46:58
Orange Glad You Got Your Nickelodeon Flip Book ID 47:58

I edited the audio to the 2nd Mr. Ed theme to bypass the copyright bot. Not sure why that one triggered it and the first one didn’t, but oh well.