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Vhs Christmas Tree

VHS Christmas Tree

Christmas tree made out of VHS tapes and a TV monitor. Read On

VHS Monolith by David Herbert - Giant 2001 Space Odyssey Tape

Giant VHS Monolith by David Herbert

A giant 8 foot tall replica of a 2001: A Space Odyssey videocassete by American sculptor David Herbert. Read On

VHS Tape Boxes

Stack of VHS Boxes

The wonderful thing about a stack of random VHS tapes is the fact that anything could be on them. It could be something amazing or something horrific. Even if it's labelled, what is contained within could be still be a complete surprise. Read On

Old VCR Guts by Tom Sandelands

Old VCR Guts by Tom Sandelands

Cool photo of the insides of a first generation VHS deck by Tom Sandelands. Read On

video cassette gif

Video Cassette GIF

Animated GIF: Video Cassette Read On

Vintage South Korean Samsung VCR Ad 1989

Vintage South Korean VCR Ad (1989)

South Korean magazine advertisement for a "cutting edge" front-loading VCR from Samsung circa 1989. Get it for only 659,000 won! If I'm not getting my math wrong, based on these exchange rates, that would have been around $978 in 1989! Read On

History of VHS in the UK Infographic

History of VHS in the UK [Infographic]

Noel Mellor walks us through the ups and downs of the VHS format in the United Kingdom. Read On

Good Guy VHS

Good Guy VHS: 5 Reasons Why VHS is Better Than DVD

A VHS variation on the Good Guy Greg meme. Read On