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FUJI VHS Claymation Commercial - Will Vinton Studios

Fuji VHS Claymation Commercial 1989

Video and GIF of a Fuji VHS commercial from 1989. Claymation work by Will Vinton Studios. Read On

1985 Commercials WTTG DC 5 - Saturday Matinee Theatre

1985 Commercials WTTG DC Channel 5 [VHSRip]

Commercials recorded in 1985 during a "Saturday Matinee Theatre" broadcast of Shane (1953) on WTTG Channel 5 in Washington DC. Read On

Showtime Exclusive Movie Bumper 1985

Showtime Exclusive Movie Presentation Intro – Rated R Bumper (1985)

Showtime continuity, "Exclusive Movie Presentation" intro and Rated R bumper from 1985. Read On

Showtime Feature Presentation 1985 Fireworks

Showtime Feature Presentation Fireworks Intro – Rated PG Bumper (1985)

Showtime Feature Presentation intro sequence with fireworks and PG Rating bumper from 1985. Read On

Bob Dorian American Movie Classics Host - American Guerrilla in the Philippines (1950)

American Movie Classics Bob Dorian Host Segments & Continuity (1990 – 1991)

Channel continuity and host segments with Bob Dorian for American Guerrilla in the Philippines (1950) & Phantom of the Opera (1943) recorded from American Movie Classics in 1990 and 1991. Read On

Disney Channel Feature Presentation Clouds Intro VHSRip

Disney Channel: Pinocchio Ident & Clouds Feature Presentation Intro (1986)

Disney Channel ident with Pinocchio and Geppetto dancing followed by the "A Disney Channel Feature Presentation" clouds intro. Circa 1986. Read On

American Movie Classics 1990 continuity commercials bumpers

American Movie Classics 1990 Continuity & Newsreel Theater “September 1946”

Recorded from the American Movie Classics channel on January 5th, 1990. Read On

Lean Legs with Joanie Greggains 80s workout

12 Minutes to Lean Legs with Joanie Greggains (1985) [VHSRip]

Vintage 80s workout tape I found at a thrift store. You gotta love the 80s hair, leotard and synth soundtrack. Read On

Nick at Nite 1994 Christmas Commercials - NordicTrack

Nick at Nite Winter 1994 Commercials & Idents [VHSRip]

Commercials and network IDs from a recording of Dragnet and Alfred Hitchcock Presents on Nick at NIte in 1994 sometime around Christmas. Read On

Monsters Glim Glim Commercials

Monsters – “Glim Glim” 1989 Commercials & Highlights [VHSRip]

Commercials and highlights from an episode of Monsters recorded from WDCA Channel 20 in Washington DC in 1989. The episode is titled "Glim-Glim." Read On

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