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Archives / 2014 / June

betamax vs vhs

Betamax vs VHS: How Sony’s Cassette Recorder Failed

In this video The Engineer Guy gives us a brief history of Betamax and why it lost to VHS in the original home video format war. Read On

Otaku no Video - VHS Collection

What a ’90s Anime Collection Looked Like

Screenshot: Ken Kubo the ‘Otaking’ from Otaku no Video (1991) via The Anime Nostalgia Tumblr Otaku no Video (“Geeks’ Video” in English) is a 1991 comedy anime spoofing the life and culture of otaku (people with obsessive interests, especially anime and manga) as well as... Read On

VHS Monolith by David Herbert - Giant 2001 Space Odyssey Tape

Giant VHS Monolith by David Herbert

A giant 8 foot tall replica of a 2001: A Space Odyssey videocassete by American sculptor David Herbert. Read On

VHS Tape Boxes

Stack of VHS Boxes

The wonderful thing about a stack of random VHS tapes is the fact that anything could be on them. It could be something amazing or something horrific. Even if it's labelled, what is contained within could be still be a complete surprise. Read On