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Arnold Schwarzenegger Kill Count Video

Arnold Schwarzenegger Kill Count Video

28 minutes of Arnold killing a total of 509 formerly living things.

Video by Auralnauts

1. Guns, blades and projectiles always kill unless otherwise depicted
2. Close proximity explosions kill unless otherwise depicted
3. Indirect kills as a result of an explicit action by Arnold count
4. Kills must occur on screen, or be reasonably indicated through on screen action
5. Dream sequences, fantasies or movies within a movie count. If it’s on screen, it’s a kill.
6. People that are killed more than once count each time.
7. We don’t care what Mossberg says in T2. They didn’t show that many.
8. Everything up to “Escape Plan”. Nothing unavailable on Bluray.

Movie Playlist
00:13 Hercules in New York
00:44 Streets of San Francisco
01:14 Conan the Barbarian
02:28 Conan the Destroyer
04:05 The Terminator
05:13 Red Sonja
05:55 Commando
08:35 Raw Deal
10:50 Predator
12:01 The Running Man
13:17 Red Heat
14:00 Total Recall
15:34 Kindergarten Cop
15:48 Terminator 2: Judgement Day
16:28 The Last Action Hero
17:53 True Lies
20:21 Eraser
22:45 Batman and Robin
23:20 End of Days
24:22 The 6th Day
25:07 Collateral Damage
25:19 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
25:51 The Expendables 2
26:13 The Last Stand

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Last Action Hero - Retro VHS Look (Blu-ray)

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He's Mean . . . And He'll Blast Through Your Screen!

Danny Madigan (Austin O'Brien) knows the first three Jack Slater movies by heart and the fourth one is just about to be released. With the aid of a magical ticket, Danny gets to know the latest movie really well, literally speaking. While watching the opening action sequence during an advance screening, Danny is transported right into the movie! While on the other side of the silver screen, Danny becomes the sidekick of Jack Slater (Arnold Schwarzenegger), the toughest cop on the police force. Complications arise while Jack and Danny are working on the case, when one of the bad guys gets a hold of Danny's magic ticket and escapes out of the movie into the real world. Now Danny and his hero Jack Slater must chase the arch villain in the real world, a world where evil guys can actually win!
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Comedy Favorites Collection (Twins / Kindergarten Cop / Junior)

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, everyone's favorite body-building superstar, flexes his comedic muscles in three of his funniest films! Available together for the first time ever, Arnold shows off his larger-than-life screen presence in the smash hit Twins, the action-packed comedy Kindergarten Cop and the heartwarming Junior. So get ready to laugh out loud with the Arnold Schwarzenegger: Comedy Favorites Collection. It's sure to pump up even the toughest crowd!TwinsSeparated at birth, two unlikely twins (Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito) set off on a road trip to locate their unsuspecting mother.Kindergarten CopA tough undercover cop (Arnold Schwarzenegger) learns more than he bargained for when he poses as a teacher to a class of unruly kids.JuniorA male doctor (Arnold Schwarzenegger) becomes pregnant after his associate (Danny DeVito) talks him into taking an experimental drug.
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The 6th Day


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Jingle All The Way Blu-ray

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Arnold Schwarzenegger returns in a new holiday comedy as a father determined to buy his son that "must have" Christmas toy during a frantic shopping spree on Christmas Eve.
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Total Recall [VHS]

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Total Recall [Vhs] [Vhs Tape] (1990) Arnold Schwarzenegger; Sharon Stone
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Total Recall (1990)

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An Earthman of the future goes to Mars, driven by nightmares of his past.
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The Villain

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He's dressed in black from boots to hat and he's twirling double iron. His name is "Cactus Jack" Slater and he's THE VILLAIN. Kirk Douglas stars as the ne'er-do-well highwayman in this screwball gunslinger comedy co-starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as Handsome Stranger and Ann-Margret as the lusty Miss Charming Jones. Charming's father, Parody, has sent her on a risky overland errand, providing crooked banker Avery Simpson with the perfect chance to double-cross Parody out of a silver fortune. And when Simpson offers to buy Cactus Jack out of the Snakes End Jail if he'll do the dirty work, Cactus Jack schemes to double-cross the double-crosser. But his plans are foiled when Arnold Schwarzenegger weighs in as Handsome Stranger. He owes Parody Jones his life, and the payback is pure pistol-popping laughter as the blue-eyed do-gooder does his duty: protecting the loot and the lady with a white-hatted paladin's good luck. Ride along with a horse named Whiskey and an all-star cast featuring P
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Terminator 2: Judgment Day

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This time there are two killer cyborgs from the future; one of them's a good guy. Directed by James Cameron.
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The Terminator [Blu-ray] - Packaging Color may Vary

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A ruthless 21st-century cyborg comes to 1984 Los Angeles to kill a waitress and change history. Directed by James Cameron.
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Eraser [Blu-ray]

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Eraser (BD)

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Eraser Arnold Arnold Schwarzenegger VHS 1996 NO SLIP COVER

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End of Days Arnold Schwarzenegger (VHS, 2000) Special Edition

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