Excessive Force II: Force on Force (1995)


Stacie Randall (Puppet Master 4, Trancers 4, Ghoulies IV, various films with Corey Haim/Feldman) plays Harley Cordell, a Special Forces agent-turned-investigator. She’s hunting down her former C.O. and lover who shot her in the head when she turned down his offer to become part of the freelance assassination squad he was forming.

Directed by Jonathan Winfrey (Black Scorpion, Carnosaur 3, Bloodfist VII: Manhunt)

Fight choreography by James Lew (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Raipd Fire, They Live)

Video Clips

Fight Scene in the Cemetery – Stacie Randall vs James Lew

Best Line: “I’ll remember you were polite when I’m doing you.” – James Lew as Lee

Excessive Explosions

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Stacie Randall kicks butt! [5/5]

The movie explodes with action The redheaded Harley (Stacie Randall) is a sexy but lethal special agent seeking justice against the mob and a former lover. She uses whatever force necessary to bring the bad guys down even turning her body into a deadly weapon-which in turn unveils some pretty explosive and impressive fighting scenes. Stacie Randall’s martial art skills are very believable in this flick, and in some cases better than Thomas Ian Griffith from the first movie. The acting is a bit campy and the plot a bit shallow but well worth the buy to watch the beautiful redheaded vixen Ms Randall knock the bad guys out with one karate kick after another!
Dave Gillette

Standard action film with a solid female lead [5/10]

“Excessive Force II” has a thin revenge plot (which can almost be summed up in the following sentence: “They left her for dead….and now they’re going to pay”), but the action (fights, explosions, and a car chase) is not bad, and Stacie Randall is a solid heroine. Not only does she have a stunningly beautiful face and a magnificent body, but she also handles the action like a pro. Some of her fight scenes are thrilling (the choreography is by James Lew and Phillip Tan, both with numerous similar credits on IMDb), and she’s not afraid to get down and dirty when the part requires it. In short, those expecting a brilliant action film won’t get it here, and the fans of the original (yes, all 3 of them) won’t like the fact that this “sequel” is completely unrelated, but fans of action films with strong female leads won’t be disappointed.

The slam bang action the 90’s brought [5/5]

Awesome for it’s female protagonist. She kicks butt thoughtout and the film is much better than many other films I have seen. Great explosions too.