Bloody New Year (1987) VHS Box Art

Bloody New Year / Time Warp Terror (1987)

Bloody New Year (1987) VHS Box Art

Tagline: The last day of the year…or the last day of your life


Five shipwrecked English teenagers take refuge in an island hotel that is decorated for New Years. The problem is, it’s early summer, and soon enough, even the walls themselves are striking out against them…


Norman J. Warren


Frazer Pearce – (screenplay), Frazer Pearce – (written by) …


Suzy Aitchison – Lesley, Nikki Brooks – Janet, Colin Heywood – Spud, Mark Powley – Rick

Genre: Horror, Mystery | Runtime: 90 | Rating: 4.1


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Time Warp Terror / Bloody New Year (1987) - Japanese VHS Box

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Fantastically terrible, but enjoyable to watch! [6/10]

“Bloody New Year” is a very cheesy horror film set on an isolated island.The acting is wonderfully bad and the gore scenes as well as various exploitation elements known from earlier Norman J.Warren’s releases(“Satan’s Slave”,”Alien Prey”)are almost completely absent.The film has some really surprising moments-the scene where Rick and his girlfriend are chased by a crowd of people through the rustling woods except their pursuers are invisible is the highlight of the film.6 out of 10!
– HumanoidOfFlesh from Chyby, Poland

Enjoyably ridiculous. [6/10]

Horror fans who delight in the cheesy and the silly may find a fair bit to appreciate with Norman J. Warren’s “Bloody New Year”. Don’t go into it expecting anything resembling a coherent plot, but be prepared for a lot of insane nonsense. The story has three young couples up to a whole bunch of tomfoolery at a carnival who afterwards find themselves shipwrecked on an island. This island features a hotel that not only is celebrating Christmas in July, it’s celebrating Christmas circa 1959, and is eagerly anticipating 1960. Among the assorted crackpot ideas Warren and screenwriter Frazer Pearce throw at the wall are snow indoors, invisible pursuers, a furiously moving camera seemingly inspired by “The Force” from “The Evil Dead”, a “table monster”, and lots of hilariously, endearingly tacky special effects. The good thing is that Warren and Pearce do seem to be just having fun with the genre because this whole production has a heavy tongue in cheek feel. Now, some people may find this simply *too* cheesy and *too* silly, but others should find themselves smiling if not laughing outright. The first 15 minutes quickly establish the irreverent tone, and the filmmakers do achieve and maintain a certain loopy charm and a “Just what the hell is going on?” sensibility. The actors do an impressive job of keeping poker faces throughout, and they’re all reasonably appealing, although there will undoubtedly be viewers who will get sick of all the screaming that Janet (Nikki Brooks) does. One of the best routines involves some appearing and disappearing sets of footprints. These 90 minutes of off-the-wall antics don’t quite fly by, but enough amusing stuff happens to help people pay attention. The music, by Nick Magnus and a duo dubbed “Cry No More”, merely adds to the appeal. All things considered, this is an interesting effort among Warren’s filmography. Six out of 10.
– Scott LeBrun from Canada