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Alien Terminator (aka Top Line) (1988) – Best Scenes

Alien Terminator aka Top Line 1988 Poster



Author Ted Angelo discovers an UFO in the Columbian jungle. When he tries to spread the word, he earns more than the usual disbelief: suddenly he’s hunted by almost every organization, like CIA, KGB, the mob, Nazis… and even extraterrestrials – Those ETs obviously do not want to go home.


Nello Rossati – (as Ted Archer)


Roberto Gianviti – (writer), Nello Rossati – (writer)


Franco Nero – Ted Angelo, Deborah Moore – (as Deborah Barrymore) – June, Mary Stavin – Maureen De Havilland, William Berger – Alonso Kintero

Genre: Sci-Fi | Runtime: 94 | Rating: 4.8

Best Scenes Compilation:

Compilation Guide:
Alcoholic Franco Nero discovers a UFO in the Columbian jungle (1:14). He ends up getting chased through a cactus field by Nazi George Kennedy (2:07). Next he’s part of a drunken car chase where he kills a guy by throwing eggs at him (4:17). Then a killer cyborg comes after him (5:54). Finally he’s attacked by a shapeshifting alien (9:15).

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Romancing the Stone meets Cocoon meets Terminator meets… [8/10]

This one´s quite original. Italians did not have enough money to make those big movies we all tend to like or at least watch. So they put cheap funny flics like this one together. There are Nazis, Extraterrestrials, Cyborgs, a Spanish gold treasure and of course there´s Franco Nero as the always drunk Soldier of Fortune, who has to pull it all off. As you can see, they didn´t let anything out. And, I think, it works. The FX are cheap but enjoyable, the pacing is fast (it has to be regarding the really dumb plot) and the acting is quite reliable (of course Franco Nero is great as ever and there´s also Hollywood veteran George Kennedy as a Nazi Villain). Director Nello Rossati did the also very enjoyable sequel Django Strikes Again before. A Movie you might check out, too.

They Live! [3/5]

A the risk of revealing too much, this film is an 80’s combination of “Terminator”, “They Live” and the last Indian Jones minus the Crystal Skull. Ted (Franco Nero) is a divorced writer who drinks too much. He is in Columbia on his ex-wife’s dime. While here, he is lead by a guide to an alien space ship in a mountain cave, now everyone wants him dead…the government, criminals, cyborg terminators, aliens, and George Kennedy as some neo-nazi.

I loved the idea, but the execution of this Italian film left much to be desired. Acting and dialogue were not strong suits. Special effects were limited.

Parental guide: No f-bombs or sex. Nudity (Shirley Hernandez, Mary Stavin: former Miss World, Adam Ant video, Bond girl,)