Otaku no Video - VHS Collection

What a ’90s Anime Collection Looked Like

Otaku no Video - VHS Collection

Screenshot: Ken Kubo the ‘Otaking’ from Otaku no Video (1991)

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Otaku no Video (“Geeks’ Video” in English) is a 1991 comedy anime spoofing the life and culture of otaku (people with obsessive interests, especially anime and manga) as well as the history of the anime studio Gainax who were also responsible for such classics as Evangelion, Gunbuster and FLCL. The movie mixes a traditional anime story with live-action documentary excerpts, titled “A Portrait of an Otaku”, interviewing anonymous anime fans.

The main story is about anime fans, Kubo and Tanaka, taking over the anime industry with their own magical girl show, Misty May (pictured below).

Otaku no Video - Misty May Animated GIF

The mock documentary segments feature many geek subcultures including cosplay, airsoft guns, garage kits (anime resin models), and gaming. One of the interviewed subjects is a shut-in who videotapes television programs for trade, but has not actually watched anything he’s recorded. Heh, I can certainly relate to that 🙂

Portrait of an Otaku

Otaku no Video is a classic and truly unique anime. Check it out if you haven’t yet!

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TATAKAE OTAKING! Otaku No Video Opening AMV

Otaku no Video Cover Art

Otaku no Video - Misty May