Disney Channel Spring Preview 1993 VHSRip

Disney Channel Spring Preview 1994 / Recycle Rex [Continuity & Promos]

For the past year I’ve been digitizing my whole VHS collection dating back to the early 80s. My plan is to start posting all my VHS rips on this blog and on my YouTube channel.

Here’s the first one!

Recorded from the Disney Channel during a Spring Preview in April 1994.

Segments include:

  • Be a Mighty Duck for a Day Sweepstakes
  • Disney Night Time Experience Sweepstakes
  • The Magical World of Disney presents Homeward Bound (intro)
  • Going Hollywood: The War Years (promo)
  • The Torkelsons (promo)
  • Faerie Tale Theatre (w/ Harry Dean Stanton and Talia Shire) (promo)
  • Avonlea (promo)
  • Mickey TV Dinner Interstitial
  • Disney Channel Magazine segment on Earth Day
  • Cowboy Week (promo)
  • Recycle Rex – full cartoon
  • Comedy Tonight: W.C. Fields Straight Up (promo)
  • Triple Feature Friday: Living Desert / Vanishing Prairie / African Lion (promo)
  • Magical World of Disney: On Promised Land / The Whipping Boy / Hocus Pocus / The Adventures o Huck Finn / A Far Off Place / Beauty and the Beast (promo)
  • Disney Channel Magazine: April/May issue (promo)
  • Disney Night Time: Elvis (promo)