Freddy's Nightmares - Black Keys starring Brad Pitt - Commercials

Freddy’s Nightmares w/ Brad Pitt 1989 Commercials & Highlights [VHSRip]

Commercials and highlights from an episode of Freddy’s Nightmares recorded from WDCA Channel 20 in Washington DC in 1989. The episode is “Black Tickets” starring Brad Pitt.

I edited out most of the episode for copyright reasons.

Freddy’s Nightmares (full title: Freddy’s Nightmares: A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Series) is an American horror anthology series, which aired in syndication from October 1988 until March 1990. A spin-off from the Nightmare on Elm Street series, each story was introduced by Freddy Krueger (played, as in the movies, by Robert Englund).