1985 Commercials WTTG DC 5 - Saturday Matinee Theatre

1985 Commercials WTTG DC Channel 5 [VHSRip]

Commercials recorded in 1985 during a “Saturday Matinee Theatre” broadcast of Shane (1953) on WTTG Channel 5 in Washington DC.

Full List:
0:00 Woodbridge Lincoln-Mercury car dealership
0:30 Big Red gum
1:00 Gleem toothpaste
1:30 Rep. Dan Rostenkowski Chairman of Way & Means Committee political ad on income tax
2:06 Long John Silver’s chicken nuggets
2:36 Family Furniture in Hyattsville & Hillcrest Heights, MD
3:06 US Hot Rod Truck and Tractor Pull Fall Championship at Capital Centre in Landover, MD
3:36 Creation Sci-Fi and Star Trek Convention on Oct 12-13 at Arlington Hyatt Regency Crystal City Hotel featuring Judson Scott and Roger C. Carmel of Star Trek
4:06 Alice
4:21 Secret antiperspirant
5:21 Remco furniture
5:51 Popeye’s cajun nuggets
6:02 Redskins Playbook with Bernie Smilovitz
6:41 PM Magazine on Don Johnson of Miami Vice and The Long Hot Summer, Couple gets married at a movie theater
7:11 Tyson’s Toyota with Ernest P. Worrell
7:47 The New Maverick & Outlaw Blues promo
8:07 Chloraseptic spray
8:37 Drug Emporium
9:17 Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum
9:47 Arthur Treacher’s Broiled Fish
10:17 Green Hill Country Food Products
10:47 National TV Rental
11:17 WTTG 5 Ident
11:28 Carpet Discounters
12:27 Popeye’s cajun nuggets
12:57 Mr. Clean “Is it wet or is it dry?”
13:37 Chicken Helper
14:07 Zenith Smart Sets
14:37 M*A*S*H promo
14:53 Prince George’s County Public Schools
15:23 Ghostbusters on SuperTV pay-per-view
15:53 Sport Chevrolet in Maryland with Redskins player Mark Moseley
16:23 Fred’s Place at Crystal City Holiday Inn
17:02 Soap Opera Awards with David Hasselhoff & Catherine Hickland
17:33 Secret solid antiperspirant
18:09 Carpet Discounters
19:19 C&P Telephone
19:49 Popeye’s cajun nuggets
20:19 Golden Grahams with Swiss Miss Chocolate Milk Maker sample
20:50 Colgate pump